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CSG THE FLASH ENHANCER IS A awesome "trick" addition to any AR15 OR M16 firearm .... In 1/2x28 TPI, IT can also find a HOME ABOUT ANY 5.56mm firearms seen BELOW ON OUR M249 PARA BELTFED .... .

UNIT ADDS tactical advantage by blinding YOUR Fighting Ships and shutting down their night vision UNITS night .... even in a siege CONDITION you can "roast" Your opponent WITH FLASH snout (of course we are only kidding) ...

If you want a Slick LITTLE gadget that will really draw a Crowd AT ANY machine SHOOT THEN THE CSG UNIT IS .....

There are "others" out there who claim to have ENHANCER, but none with the quality and FLASH COMBO LIKE THE CSG UNIT .... Complete with INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND INSTALLATION Washer. $ 295

Colt 6721 Tactical carbine A-3, 223, semi-automatic, this is one of the collector units marked LAW / Government / MILITAY use, but for any legal person, functions LUG bayonet, flash hider, telescoping arms office equipment, and an A - 3 detachable handles, heavy barrel all 100% new in box with 2 Colt mags and info. Here is Weapons For sale

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FAB T-Pod Tactical Foregrip-Bipod with Flashlight
Transforms from foregrip to abounding action bipod with the advance of a button: Weapons For Sale

  • Independent acclimation of anniversary leg in 5 altered breadth settings.
  • Legs are fabricated anatomy aluminum 6061-t6 adamantine coated anodized pictinny rails.
  • Unique bifold absolution button architecture eliminates adventitious deployment of the bi pod.
  • Non blooper grip, aerial design.
  • Bifold ancillary Pressure about-face housing.
  • Quick absolution apparatus or a defended bolt locking system.
  • Performance-enhancing accent for any firearm adapted with a accepted (underside) picatinny rail.
  • Durable, failing polymer construction.
  • User installed-no modification or gunsmithing required.
  • Available in assorted colors.
  • Tested to bear up to 250 pounds/115 kilograms
  • Breadth Bankrupt 6.00" / 152mm
  • Deployed Height 8.55"/ 217mm
  • Deployed Width 7.90" / 200mm
  • Bore 1.74" / 43mm (dimension Stand for better admeasurement at absorbed area, but variants do to ergonomic design,)
  • Weight 10 oz/ 283.5gr
  • Anniversary leg can be adapted 4 accomplish of 0.43" / 11mm or be absolutely bankrupt at bi-pod position

inch Tactical beam light:

  • 1 inch diameter.
  • Aerospace aluminum casing.
  • Adamantine anodized – mil spec.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Over all breadth - 3.1 inch .
  • 100 - 120 Lumen LED achievement .
  • Pressure activated on/off appendage cup or PTT.
  • Powered by distinct CR123 battery.
  • Provides about one and a bisected hours connected on runtime

The AN-94 assault rifle or weapons for sale has a slight edge on the AEK-971, a short burst (2 rounds only) mode. In full-auto medium or long burst of fire mode (3-5 or 7-10 rounds and burst), the AEK-971 is excellent, some 0.5 kilograms lighter than the AN-94, simpler design and cheaper produce

AEK-971 has two fire modes: semi-automatic and fully automatic shooting. Modernized AEK-971 is also able to fire three-shot bursts. The AEK-971 is based on previous AK rifles in the internal design and layout, but is also equipped with a non-return balancing mechanism. The gun has a counter-weight, which negates the momentum of the gas piston and bolt carrier, it is a balancing mechanism and results in more controllable automatic fire. Despite the losses of an initial contract for the production of AN-94, mainly due to the lack of it at the time that the Russian army began field trials of this weapon.

Updated-AEK-973 also received a three-shot burst mode fire. The AEK-973S is a modified version of the new mechanism is the location of the thumb safety selector lever on the right and slightly extended stocks. The population has dropped, and the rest of the shoulder connects with the pistol grip, the more efficient structure

AEK-971 uses the 5.45x39mm M74 round fed from the standard 30-round magazines used AK-74. Two other members of this series - recognized the different perspectives are taken up guns and AEK-972 AEK-973 - are rooms for the 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm, and are compatible with 30-round magazines of AK-101 and AKM / AK-103

AEK-971 is a Russian assault rifle or weapons for sale, which Kovrov Plant machine (now Degtyarev Design Bureau) and suggested Sergey I. Koksharov in 1970

Manufactured by Steyr, an Austrian arms company, MPI 69 guns were chambered for 9 mm round. Such as the Uzi was Steyr MPI 69 is much simpler.

Blowback controlled and selective fire, a Class 3 weapons are used worldwide by police and military forces.

Extremely reliable and resistant to dirt that Steyr MPI 69 is easy to use in many environments.

Some details of military weapons for sale are:

  • Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Para
  • The length of Closed Stock: 465 mm
  • The length of the Open Storage: 670 mm
  • Pampulitika length: 260 mm
  • The rate of fire: 550 rounds per minute
  • Magazine capacity: 25/32 rounds
  • Mass and Empty: 3.13 kg
  • Effective range: 100 to 150 m

It's easy to shoot, selective fire mechanism for Steyr MPI 69 allows easy transition between semi and fully automatic.

Plus, because guns are easy to clear the jam, it is easy to maintain a relatively constant rate of fire. However, because the rate of fire has only 550 rounds per minute, it is also easy to use and is aimed Steyr MPI 69. If you want low maintenance even more reliable weapon, and then the high quality of Steyr-69 from here is ideal for you.

The Chinese make a huge industry to sell weapons and other nations. They have sold missiles to Iran and sold them to enrich uranium and sell weapons to other nations.

It is unfortunate, because if the Chinese arms sales to Third World countries and countries that sponsor international terrorism and to help them to build nuclear or military weapons for sale, I believe we have a problem. Furthermore, it makes sense in the event that China sells weapons to countries such as Iran and the Iranian president promised; blow Israel off the map! Then perhaps you can see the problem.

Moreover, if China has a seat in the UN Security Council, and that they are against any military action against Iran, in other countries such as the United States at greater risk of international terrorists, who have nuclear weapons.

Maybe you can see problems with this? If the weapons to China and sell them on the cheap, maybe we should buy some, and how it should be the main customer, than Iran, and why China should mind losing business to Iran.

This should not stop the vote on the resolution, sanctions or military action against Iran to build nuclear weapons to kill millions of innocent people. Outside the United States needs more weapons, anyway, even if it is China with the sale, hell, we should buy some. Consider this in 2006.

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